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Hello, I'm Peter Melad, your dedicated partner and a seasoned logo designer specializing in clothes brands with over 5 years of experience in brand identity and web design.

I've had the privilege of working closely with clients like you who aspire to make their brands shine.

Beyond creating logos and websites, my mission is deeply rooted in helping you fall in love with your brand's visual identity.

It's not just about fitting in - it's about seeing your clothing brand come to life visually and watching it flourish.

In our collaboration, my goal is to go beyond delivering effective designs.

I want to infuse the love I have for my work into every aspect of your project.

Let's create a visual identity that resonates with your brand journey and makes you proud every time you see it. I'm here to turn your clothing brand into a story, a journey, and a visual masterpiece you'll cherish

Logo Designer Specializing In Clothes Brands

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