Amna N Quraishi
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Project summary

We get it. You have a lot on your plate. With Earthryse you get a team of writers, marketing strategists, publicists, and designers to work on your internal and external communications. We’ve got you covered with everything from investor relations, due diligence documentation, pitch decks, media outreach, to customer collateral design . we want our business stand out and get a professional logo

The Logo Challenge

an icon that is relevant to brand with the feeling and reflects that they are working all over the globe and work globally with connection with the brand name , they wanted the business to stand out and to have the feeling of love to the ir brand and at the same time have a professional logo design

My Solution to these challenges

i started the brainstorm process and create the brand personality and do sketches until i decided to use the north America map to represent the all over the globe feeling with a circular shape to represent earth from the brand name they loved their logo and feel that now they feels that their business  now stand out

Let's have a look on the refinement process ?

The refinement process is done to make sure the logo is balanced in spacing and kerning so we have the perfect balanced logo shape that is simple and  professionally done , my client needed a logo that is relevant to the business so their business can stand out  , that is how i made them love the logo and fall in love with their brand

how many concepts and ideas i get from the logo package ?
“On average, we create between 3 to 5 logo concepts and ideas but if you need more we can do that for sure”

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